Haven’t Heard About Live IDN Site? Read This Article To Find Out!

In this article, we have talked about the various features of the website. Along with that, the article also discuses what IDN Live website is.

What is Live IDN Site?

The IDN Website is known specifically for poker. The website has various branches like IDN Poker, IDN Play and IDN Live. Even though the website is popular in Asia, a lot of people from Europe play on this website. The website has 600,000 monthly users and 16,000 plus current peak time.

What are some of the games featured on Live IDN Site?

  • Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is one of the most loved games in northern America. Derived from Texas hold’em the game lets the player to get 4 hole-cards. These cards then double the number of hole-cards then user has. As the number of hole-cards increase, the game becomes more fun. Omaha uses 52-card French Deck. There are various types of Omaha poker and some of them are Pot limit Omaha poker. In pot limit Omaha poker, a player can bet on what is inside the pot. The Pot Limit Omaha poker is one of the popular forms of poker. The second type is the no limit Omaha poker. In this poker the player can bet on any amount. The only condition is that the amount should be within the player’s chips. The third type is Fixed Limit Omaha poker. In this poker, there is a limit applied on betting for each round.

  • Super 10 Poker

Super 10 is also known as samgong or saking. The game is very popular on the online gambler’s community. Even though the game is fairly new, it is very popular because it is not very complicated and easy to play.  The super 10 card game is available on various poker websites. These websites which rely on number 10 which is the highest and number 1 which is of the lowest value. The game uses cards as a playing tool. In this game, each player is given a maximum of three cards. In this game, the player can become a dealer. When the player becomes a dealer, he gets to manage a card that is distributed. In this game, being a deal is more beneficial than being a player. According to the rules of the game, the dealer can only be defeated if the player has a special card or has a card of greater value. The game should be played on smaller tables so that all the capital of the user does not get used up.

  • 13 Cards

13 cards is also known as Tien Len. Along with that, it is also called as southern poker. 13 cards is a card game which is popular in many parts of Asia. At the beginning of every new game the player is given 13 cards. In the first round of the game the player has a spade 3 card. The spade 3 card is used to start the game.

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