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Top winter curtain ideas

When season changes, home requirements change so during chilly winters, homes need new window treatment for insulations purpose. To prevent the entry of cold from outside through windows, thermal curtains are chosen, which are thicker than many other curtains. They are available in different designs, styles, fabric kinds, and colors. According to their styles and fabrics kinds, they are named differently for the facilitation of the buyer. Basically, they help you insulate your space with approximately a 30% reduction in heater needs and saves money by reducing energy bills. They can protect your furniture from sun fade too if needed and act as a soundproof barrier. Their thicker and heavier fabric is just perfect for the winter season for their functionality. Here are some top-rated winter curtains ideas for your convenience.

  • Side Draw Shades

These shades work best when they are installed in front of big windows or sliding doors or windows. They are flexible to open to the left or to the right side starting from the middle to the direction or they can be opened to both sides at the same time. They are highly functional while winters due to heavy fabric use and look incredible. 

  • Classic Curtains

These curtains are quite as simple as their name. In ancient times, people simply used to take some plain heavy fabric for window treatment and make rod pockets in that fabric no matter how much fabric is taken and simply hung the curtains with walls. They still trend for their style and fabric kinds’ flexibility. You can choose any kind of fabric which can be heavy or sheer, it depends upon your mood. Heavy fabric classic curtains help a lot to bring insulation in the home without the escape of heat. Their ties are also known for their function as they keep the curtains fixed in their place. 

  • Balloon Shades

As the name of these shades shows that their name is taken from their look which resembles balloons when they are opened. They have cutlets at the bottoms which are puffy. As the fabric used for these curtains is light but a lot of fabric is gathered for a balloon look so a lot of crinkles can easily trap cold from outside and stop escaping of heat from inside. They look incredibly beautiful when opened. People love choosing them for their look especially. 

  • Roman Shades

Their stacking mechanism is their most favorite feature. These stacks help to keep the sun out when they are opened. When they are opened they scrunched but when down, add a smooth appearance to your home. It is an old Roman style that can never be out of style just because of their function during winters and their unique appeal. During winters, they also help you keep your home warm and cozy. 

  • Hobbled Shades

These winter curtains are designed by installing horizontal pleats along with the shade. They are not much different from roman shades as roman shades have a flat appeal but these are with pleats at regular intervals. Their fabric is always chosen carefully so that it can protect you from cold.

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