10 Dog Christmas Ornaments Dog Lovers Should Have

The holiday season is not just a time to share kindness and joy with your human loved ones — it’s also a time to celebrate your relationship with your beloved pets. Pets like dogs (who are considered as man’s best friend) deserve to receive overflowing affection at a time as cozy and good vibe-inducing as Christmas.

From treating your canine friend to great holiday-themed dog foods to getting dog Christmas ornaments of his own, there are different ways to shower your pet with love. If you have no idea what to get for the latter, we’ve compiled 10 ornaments any dog owner should have.

Dog lover ornament. Intricately crafted, this decorative piece features a lovely dog owner who is seemingly strolling around with her pack of canine pets. This ornament with the owner and the pets all donning cheerful smiles is sure to brighten up your mood this holiday season.

Dog with gift ornament. To have a pet as loyal as a dog is a gift that continually gives bliss. Memorialize this life blessing with this ornament featuring a dog playing around the ribbon of a Christmas present.

Dog with lights ornament. This adorable holiday piece presents a dog finding delight in having a bone for his consumption. What makes this ornament extra special is the holiday light design that seals the product with unmistakably fun Christmas vibes.

Dog bone ornament with Christmas lights. A simpler variation of holiday lights-infused dog Christmas ornaments, this decorative piece is a dog bone figurine accentuated by Christmas lights-inspired finishing touches.

Dog house ornament. This item is simple yet endearing as it captures the charms of sheltering a dog in your own abode. The main focal point of this piece is a dog (it comes in white, black, brown, and tan) sitting amiably in front of his bright-red dog house.

Dogs leave pawprints on your heart ornament. Dog lovers hold their pets close to their hearts. If your pet dog has left a dearly indelible mark in your heart, then this ornament is a must-have. The phrase “Dogs leave pawprints on your heart” is etched on a bright red heart figurine, which is further accentuated by a bone-shaped design in the middle.

Friends forever dog frame ornament. Got a treasured photo with your dog? Display it in style by getting this dog frame ornament. The frame of this in-demand holiday decoration can also be customized with your and your dog’s names.

I’ve been a good dog ornament. Santa’s charitable act of giving gifts to nice kids extends even to nice pets in the form of this unique holiday piece. One of the most interesting dog Christmas ornaments out there, this item features a sock brimming with gift items every dog will love.

Family pets ornament. If you own more than just a dog, this ornament is perfect for you. A decorative piece with elaborate design, this ornament houses little figurines of pets — dogs and cats — on its circular frame.

Veterinarian coat ornament. A dog lover who also works as a veterinarian? Spice up your space with this ornament featuring a veterinarian coat and pets playing on the side. You can also personalize it with your name and the year when you got this decorative piece.

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