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5 must have kitchen characteristics that you can’t miss

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? If yes, you have come to the right place. The modern kitchen design ideas for 2021 have already arrived. Having a modern, well-equipped kitchen is a dream for many. Even those who do not venture into cooking know that a well-constructed environment makes everyday life easier. This environment is so important in the integration of family and friends that it must be planned and executed carefully. It can seem a little complicated and even scary to the less experienced. But, with some care, it is possible to carry out this project with ease.

Integrated environment

The kitchen is an important part of the house and should be designed in a way that harmonizes with the style of decoration of the other rooms, especially the living room. The integration of environments is a way to make the space more cozy and bring residents closer together. It is possible to visually separate the spaces with a bench that serves as a table for quick meals. To top it off, a good hood minimizes odors from food preparation in other areas of the house.

Lighting is an integral part of modern kitchen

The more natural light your kitchen receives, the better. It helps to reduce energy consumption and makes the environment more pleasant. If this feature is not available, invest in a good artificial lighting project. LED lamps are more economical and can be found in different models. Besides light in the room as a whole, try placing directional spots for some areas, such as the sink counter or the eating area. Thus, the most important parts are highlighted.

Concern for nature

Definitely, a modern kitchen is concerned with the environmental issue. Choose lighting and appliances that consume less energy. Whenever possible, opt for natural ventilation techniques that reduce the need for air conditioning. Organize the disposal of trash cans to facilitate the separation of waste for recycling. Another important tip is to keep ovens and stoves away from the refrigerator. The heat emitted by them can overload the refrigeration.

Personality in the modern kitchen

All these features are useless if the environment does not reflect your personality. A modern kitchen represents the residents’ lifestyle and is designed for their needs. With Foyr Neo you can design your modern kitchen in 3D and invest in the design that best suits your style. Get inspired, seek the opinion of professionals and get to know the market’s offers, but don’t forget to choose what you really like. Nothing is more modern than authenticity.

Smart and compact design

In small spaces, this trend is the salvation. More and more kitchen decors benefit from this style that encompasses maximum efficiency and minimal build-up. Just like the fashion world, the design world is also leaning towards dark colors. The possibility of decorating in two tones is a trend that brings luxury and sophistication to the kitchen. The trend towards simpler, minimalist decor is predicted to reach peaks of popularity.

Following these tips, it is possible to design a modern, functional kitchen and create a pleasant environment for good times with family and friends. Always consult with a professional before investing in modern kitchen design.

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