A Better Understanding of the French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are known for their large, bulging eyes. Their large eyes are very sensitive to sand and dust, which can cause bulldogs to suffer from their eyes. In addition, French bulldogs suffer from common eye conditions, such as Entropion. With Entropion, the eyelids curl inward, so the dog tends to blink quickly. The eyes can become thick and red and irritate, resulting in the dog scratching and infecting his eyes. In some cases, the inflammation is so severe that surgery is needed to correct the eyelids.


Epilepsy occurs in all dog breeds. Fortunately, Frenchie bulldogs are not often born with epilepsy. However, epilepsy in French bulldogs can be caused by various things:

  • Heatstroke
  • Disrupted blood sugar level
  • Brain injury
  • Allergic reaction

With the help of medication, seizures can be prevented.

Other conditions in the French bulldog

In addition to the above conditions, French Bulldog compared to other purebred dogs are at a higher risk of the following conditions:

  • Difficult deliveries
  • Atopy (environmental allergy)
  • Food allergy

The dangers of French bulldog breeders

Buying a puppy seems very easy. There is a wide range of cute and adorable puppies on the internet. Yet it is not always what it seems. Malicious trading practices by faulty breeders put new owners at risk of buying a sick puppy. The puppies are often born with illnesses, infections or various conditions, which means that they remain anxious throughout their lives or sometimes die as a result of their condition. Breeders should test their dogs for certain hereditary conditions before they are allowed to breed with these dogs. Unfortunately, it is very common that French bulldogs are born with a congenital condition.

Adopting a French bulldog through moving animals

If you adopt a Frenchie dog through the Foundation, you will know whether the dog is chipped, vaccinated and registered or not. In most cases, these are adult dogs, with their character already formed. This way you can easily determine whether the dog suits you. Thanks to our unique matching system, we always ensure a perfect match between humans and animals. We work according to strict quality requirements. This means that we contribute to a better world for animals and treat every dollar with care. For more information about adopting a dog, please visit our tips page for adopting a dog. Give a French bulldog a happy home.

Relocate French bulldog via Moving animals

Tens of thousands of animals end up in animal shelters every year. In addition, hundreds of thousands of dogs are also relocated via trading websites. Through impulsive decisions, a large proportion of these dogs return to the shelter. Despite the good intentions of animal shelters, shelter animals unfortunately often face stress. Not surprising when you consider that the animals of a homely atmosphere end up in a cage where they receive much less attention than they are used to.

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