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All About Picking the Right Type of Stairwell Chandelier

So, you have a well-decorated house with a beautiful and show-off-worthy open staircase, but still, something seems to be missing. Well, if this is the case, there are good chances of you missing the right type of staircase lighting fixtures. It is very sad that people give a lot of attention to the decoration of all the rooms, but tend to forget how important their entrance hall and staircase area is.

These are the areas that any person will notice first. Decorate it with the right elements, and you will get the chance to make an everlasting first impression. Besides, if it is the lighting fixtures that you are missing, don’t worry at all.

Sofary has everything that you need. Their collection of chandeliers will leave you awestruck. Also, their competitive prices are what makes them different. However, if you are not able to pick one, here is everything about how to choose staircase chandeliers. Go through these points and you will get a clear idea about what you should buy.

Determine your priorities

Before you go ahead and check out all the chandeliers available on the market, it is important to determine why do you exactly need one. For instance, is the chandelier going to be just an element to highlight the interior design of your home, or is it going to be the primary source of light?

Consider your style

There are a variety of chandeliers available in the market, and this means it is possible to find something which suits your interior décor perfectly. Now, simply take a look around and define what your style exactly is. For instance, define whether your home is designed as per modern look, traditional look, industrial look, farmhouse style look, etc.

Decide the position

Even if you are picking a particular chandelier because of its beautiful design, it is still important to consider its lighting. Since different chandeliers cast light in different ways, think of how your staircase will look in that particular lighting effect. Also, there are designs with dimming functions. So, you can have brighter or softer light whatever you want.

Consider different perspectives

When you hang a chandelier, it tends to affect the overall look of the entire room. So, consider how the chandelier you are willing to buy will create a difference in your stairwell area.

Note down the space and load capacity of your ceiling

Measure and note the space and load capacity of the ceiling on which you plan to hang a chandelier. Chandeliers are usually heavier than you can imagine, and thus they will need a strong roof for support.


Most individuals make the mistake of forgetting all about the maintenance of their light fixtures. Well, don’t repeat this mistake. You need something which is easily accessible when it comes to cleaning or replacing the bulbs.

Before you go ahead and buy the first chandelier that impressed you, take some time and compare prices. Many stores charge exorbitantly for chandelier-style lighting fixtures. So, ensure you do proper research.

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