Can Bell’s palsy becured By Effective Acupuncture?


Bell’s palsy is considered the rarest condition that has the potential to affect 11-40 people for every 100,000 annually. The symptom of facial paralysis can appear quickly and can even frighten one before making a complete recovery. But in few cases, long term complication is left which cannot fully recover the nerve function and estimate 7% of Bell’s palsy again in the future. In the TMC clinic in Singapore, this disease is a routine treatment for acupuncture. In this guest post, one would surely get the concept of how is it commonly treated in comparison to Chinese medicine for Bell’s palsy.

How does one get into Bell’s palsy?

The first sign of Bell’s palsy is noticed just after one wake up and notice themselves in the mirror and can view the abnormal droop on one side of the face. The symptoms are easily visible after 48 to 72 hours which includes:

  • Weakness or paralysis of facial muscle appears on one side of the face.
  • Eyelid drooping
  • Develop inability to fully close the eyes
  • Increased sensitivity toward the sound
  • Drooling
  • Excessive tearing
  • Drooping of mouth corners
  • Impaired or loss of taste
  • Experience difficulty while eating due to weakening of the muscle that causes the food to trap
  • The altered sensation of the affected side and ear pain

This phase proves to be frightening to wake and accept the deal for the recovery. Some make a speedy and complete recovery but few cases turn out to be severe. It is recorded that nearly 13% have a long-term minor facial weakness that gets appeared on the affected side whereas 4% last for long-term major weakness and dysfunction.

How to diagnose bell’s palsy?

No clear causes have been predicted therefore there is a lack of lab tests that could confirm the diagnosis. Inflammation and swelling of the facial nerve are the cases that are related to Bell’s palsy. Howsoever, the clinical diagnosis is made based on the history, onset, and neurological examination that rule out causes such as stroke.

How to treat the Bell’s palsy?

 If the disease is left untreated, 70-75% recovery is obtained within 6 months but usually within 3 weeks. But with the earlier 72 hours, corticosteroids treatment that is recognized as a strong anti-inflammatory option renders full recovery rates that could easily increase to 82%. In several other cases, an anti-viral medication is combined with corticosteroids via research that is not yet clear.

Whether one is treated with the medication or not, it is important that he/she need to ensure protection and affection to the affected eyes that are prone to drying out and start getting damaged without the protection of full closure of the eyelid.  Eye drops are used to lubricate and eye patches are used to protect the eyes depending upon the severity. A higher rate of recovery is assumed to have 17% or more chances of chronic effect which is related to seek therapies for improvement of a full and speedy recovery. Patients left with chronic symptoms need to seek immediate treatment and restore their normal functionality of facial muscles.

How is Chinese medicine and acupuncture effective?

Chinese medicine has established a bond with the symptoms of bell palsy for more than thousands of years and with the development of time, numerous treats have come into existence using the best acupuncture in Singapore and Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture for this problem needs to be routinely used for improvement and recovery within the hospital premises. But concerning the current research, it has been suggested that acupuncture can act superior to pharmaceutical treatment via better quality research that provides reliable evidence. During this time the modern practitioners make use of the traditional acupuncture techniques that support recovery. With the onset of the symptoms, one should soon start with an acupuncture technique that could provide good results. This does not mean that chronic cases cannot be solved but can be found to be typical and stubborn which requires more time. Eligible clinics make use of the distal style acupuncture in which points to the distance of the affected with the only goal to improve the circulation reducing inflammation and soothing the nervous system. Moreover, it even means that there is no need to get worried about the use of needles on the face and even free up the combining facial exercise that has the potential to enhance the effect. The recommended herbs are entirely based upon particular needs.


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