Can You Smoke Shrooms? Read and Find Whether It’s a Yes or No

Different varieties of mushrooms subsist in our globe. Some are very well-loved into the gastronomic world for their wonderful flavors while others are being left alone for being venomous. With that being said, there are several mushrooms that are said to deliver folks to the magical world. The magic mushrooms are also called by another name that is shrooms which is in the present time used by a large proportion of people to trigger the psychedelic effects and other sorts of experiences. For those who are asking a question can you smoke shrooms, they all must read the article and get the right idea from here.

Medicinally magic mushrooms have been made in used for curing several mental health issues which include anxiety and depression. On the other hand, also some are taking shrooms for recreational use and enjoy the weird and crazy trips that they have to offer.

If you would like to get informed more about shrooms, this post is for you as we have already stated.

Can you smoke shrooms?

What shrooms are?

It is important to understand that what shrooms are before answering the question- can you smoke shrooms.

Some mushrooms are usually cultivated in Mexico and Central America which contain hallucinogenic compounds which are named psilocin and psilocybin.

Psilocybin is having too much same chemical structure as serotonin, a compound that is produced naturally in the brain and is termed as feel-good chemical.

This chemical is liable for stabilizing the mood of a person and it contributes to happiness.

When a person takes shrooms, the psilocybin compound begins to do its magic. Whosoever takes the shrooms to see, hear and feel the things that seem to be actual but aren’t actual.

The effects will usually start after 20 minutes to 60 minutes after it is taken and the effects will last for about 12 hours.

The psilocybin effects are not predictable because they differ from folk to folk. On the other hand, these excursions usually are featured by the improvised sensation of euphoria, sympathy, unity, etc. The effects are associated with reverence for divine or nature that is something that may folks that have taken the drug look as if to experience.

Can you smoke shrooms?

 If you think can you smoke shrooms, the answer is yes?

Psilocybin burns around 356 F. It means that if psilocybin reaches this temp, the compound will be destroyed. For reference, tobacco burns to 1652 F and be fine.

You may believe that you need to smoke at low temp but doing so will not let the effects last. To smoke shrooms, you need to grind and wrap them in paper and glue the roll shut.

Some people mix weed to make better the experience. Keep in mind that it can often cause horrible excursions which may spoil the mood, particularly when you aren’t used to mixing different compounds.

Some people also inject shrooms and smoke them simultaneously to reach a better outcome. How you want to enjoy them is based upon what you want.

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