Can You Win Cash With Free Tournaments?

Players can win real prizes, cash, and rewards every day by enrolling themselves in the freeroll online rummy tournaments present on Rummy passion. Moreover, their tournaments are relatively easy to understand, and anyone interested in playing rummy can register with them for free. You will experience the thrill of playing Indian rummy and increase your chances of winning over Rs 7,00,000 in a month. 

There are numerous free tournaments available on the Rummy passion app, where you can enter for free. But you should know that in order to participate in any freeroll rummy tournament, you have to make at least one real-cash deposit for once and play a real money game then only you are eligible for entering into free tournaments. 

Most rummy players, including you, might wonder they can win real cash with free tournaments. Yes, you can win cash by playing in any freeroll tournament at Rummy passion if you have the required skill set for acing every round during the tournament. Let us see what else do you need to know about free rummy tournaments.

Requirements For Participating In Rummy Tournaments

  • First, you need to verify your mobile number and email address.
  • After that, you can enroll in any tournament you like to compete in.
  • But in order to register in a free rummy tournament, you must have a history of making a real money deposit in your rummy account and played a real money game for real.  

How Free Roll Rummy Tournament Works?

  • Every player will be allocated a fixed number of tournament chips in the first second of each round.
  • A predetermined number of rummy games will be played during each round, and the number of games will be determined by the number of players seated at each table.
  • At the end of each game, the player who wins will get tournament chips from losing players determined through their points.
  • After completing predetermined deals, players present at each table will be ranked according to their chip count. Moreover, the player with the most chips in each table will get the highest rank. However, if there is a tie, rummy players with tied chip scores will have to play a tiebreaker game to determine their ranking.
  • Considering the number of players who qualify from each table will be ranked according to their chip count and promoted to the next round.
  • Each player will be given 30 seconds to decide and complete their move, and in case they cannot do it in the specified time, they will lose their turn, and it will be passed over to the next player. However, if you miss three consecutive moves, you will be dropped out from the particular game, and your rank score will also drop.
  • When you believe that you have a valid pure sequence and a total of two minimum sequences, you can finish the game.


Now you know how you can enter into any freeroll tournament offered at Rummy passion. So, what are you thinking about? Go, participate in any free tournament and make real money.

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