Greatest movie of the decade(2010-2021)

The Telugu film industry is producing great movies every day. Tollywood is ruling over the hearts of the people. Since 1921, this industry from the southern part of India has enthralled the audience with a range of blockbuster films in nearly its century-long existence. The Tollywood business has given the country a number of its biggest hits. Not simply across the country, these are international blockbusters too. With the new rush of OTT stages that have become mainstream as of late, even the Tollywood business has ventured up to bring to the table their crowd to watch their substance on the web. Individuals observe more films than at any time, yet progressively they are doing as such at home.

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Kanulukanulanudochayante is a 2020 blockbuster movie. Directed by DesinghPeriyasamyKanuluKanulanuDochayante is a romantic thriller starring Dulquer Salmaan and Ritu Varma as the main characters. Siddharth (Dulquer) and his friend are two engineers who take the wrong path in life and start making easy money. Over time, Sid falls in love with Meera (Ritu Varma), an orphan. After a time, he decides to settle down in life and go to Goa with Meera and his friends. But Sid gets the shock of his life when the police raid his cottage. Here, a crazy twist appears in the film. What that is and how all the characters are connected makes up the whole story.

The star director, Gautham Menon, plays the role of a police officer and his performance is top-notch. The whole process of money laundering and how it is done through technology is illustrated practically. The twisting of the moment is the highlight and most shocking. All in all, KanuluKanuluDochyante has a very interesting basis for certain well-executed thrills. Dulquer Salman and Ritu Varma’s amazing action, the instability of the moment, and the robbery in the second half are the basic assets. The film ends as a fascinating clock for lovers of crime and thriller.

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