How To Easily Unlock Your iPhone?

It is very common that when buying an iPhone, they tell us that it is temporarily or permanently released (free from the factory), and sometimes, we do not know that in both ways, the phone is unlocked, which in the first case cannot be restored.

We need to understand that a temporary unlock is almost the same as a permanent unlock, where the only major disadvantage is that the device cannot be factory reset, that is, erase all content on the iPhone.

In this article, we will show you a way to unlock iPhone temporarily without needing to go to anyone.

  1. Internet Connection Through WIFI

Perhaps, this is the most important thing to work with an iPhone or Apple device, because of all the operations carried out on them. It is necessary to have the equipment connected to the internet, from starting it for the first time to restoring it.

  1. The ICCID

The ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) is a number recorded in the SIM of our phone. This circuit is used to identify the same SIM by the operator. This number is the one used during the portability process and identifies the country, the network and the circuit. In the case of iPhones, every time an Apple device is activated, the ICCID it has is verified on Apple’s servers, and this determines if it is released for any operator or only one.

  1. SIM Gevey

A gevey SIM is a chip that unlock iPhone 8 without the need for specific software. It is the solution we have when we cannot unlock the iPhone by software or free the iPhone from the factory.

Unfortunately, although they are not usually costly, they are temporary solutions, since the Geveys are conditioned to work on a specific type of iPhone and a certain version of iOS. However, this has currently changed a lot, and the latest Geveys already work on any version of iOS.

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