Teaching Your Dog To Gently Take Treats

A lot of people worry about how their dog eats and that’s okay.

There is no reason to panic because younger dogs often make this mistake. They will start eating aggressively out of your hands and that becomes a problem depending on how aggressive they are.

This is why you want to start right away and start implementing training methods to keep their aggression levels down while eating. Here are the best tips for teaching your dog how to gently take treats.

Use the Closed Fist Approach

This is one of the best strategies available to dog owners when it comes to teaching your dog to gently take treats.

Start by grabbing a treat, show it to the dog, and then close your fist around it. If they aggressively nip away at your hands, you tell them to stop and don’t open the first.

If they wait and gently come up to your fist, you can open it to “release” the treat. This is going to become obvious to them after a while making it easier for you as a dog owner.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an age-old tactic that works like a charm when it comes to training your dog. This applies to various forms of training and isn’t just related to teaching your dog how to gently eat treats.

What is the idea of positive reinforcement?

In general, you want to take the time to use words such as “Good boy!” because that is going to teach them what’s allowed and what’s not. This should also include your tone too. You want to use a lighter tone when they eat gently and a harsher tone when they don’t. Over time, they are going to pick up on these cues immediately.

Use Specific Words

It’s highly recommended to start using words such as “gentle” if they approach the treat aggressively. The same applies to using words such as “good boy!” or “stop” because they will start to realise what’s okay and what’s not.

Remember, this isn’t going to happen right away and puppies do require a bit of training. However, all types of dogs can learn how to eat gently as long as you put in the time working with them.

It’s all about your mindset as a dog owner and your willingness to work hard.

Final Thoughts 

While it’s important to make sure your dog gently takes treats, it’s also important to find them the best dry puppy food on the market right now.

This is going to ensure they enjoy what they’re eating and it provides a good amount of nutrients at the same time. This is an important investment as a dog owner and you have to take it seriously with younger dogs.

A puppy needs to develop correctly and that is only going to happen when you are taking the time to take a look at different treats and food options.

Implement the tips mentioned here and watch as your dog starts eating the right way straight out of your hands.


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