What do CBD stores sell ?

CBD stores have now become a reality in the urban landscape. There is no Italian city in which a CBD store has not been opened and offers its specialties. But what exactly can you buy in a CBD store or grow store? Let’s find out in this little guide.

What can be found in grow shops

CBD stores really aim to be a one-stop store for anyone who wants to get closer to the world of hemp and its many uses. Obviously, the flagship product of CBD stores is the sale of legal cannabis, in the different varieties grown in Italy. In addition to cannabis, however, a great many other products can be found at CBD stores. First of all, there are the items for using legal cannabis such as weed grinders, papers, filters, pipes, and so on. Anyway, within a grow shop even non-smokers can find interesting products for various uses. CBD stores, in fact, have now become primarily a place where hemp culture is made, and for this you can find products such as books, clothing, food, and much more, all about hemp and its surroundings.

Food in CBD stores

A lot of food products can also be made with hemp, which can easily be found inside the best-stocked CBD stores. These certainly include a wide variety of herbal teas of all kinds. These are obviously calming or energizing drinks made from hemp that can then be prepared like any tea. There are also many sweets and cakes made with hemp and made tastier by using other quality ingredients such as chocolate or fruit. You can also buy hemp seeds, to be enjoyed as snacks, in packages of different weights and qualities. Finally, in CBD stores you can always find hemp drinks, in many different variants more numerous than in the classic supermarket.

Clothing in grow shops

Another flagship product of CBD stores is clothing. Hemp, in fact, is a natural material that like cotton and wool can be used to make all kinds of yarns. Fabrics made from hemp are very breathable and cool, resistant to washing, and adaptable for making any kind of garment. T-shirts and T-shirts made from hemp are usually found in grow stores, but there is no shortage of other kinds of textiles such as bedspreads, pants, curtains and much more in the better-stocked stores. For each garment, of course, materials made from hemp will be used but according to different techniques to be able to achieve the desired effects in the fabric.

Hemp-derived products

In general, then, CBD stores are configured as something more than a classic legal cannabis store but they want to be a place of aggregation and, above all, culture, in which to make the world of hemp more closely known. For this reason, depending on the space available inside the store, in all CBD stores it will also be possible to find other types of products. For example, in grow shops one can find pure hemp-based cosmetic products for men and women given the benefits that this natural ingredient has on the skin. Finally, in hemp CBD stores you can also find many gadgets that have the marijuana leaf as their main subject: mugs, mouse pads, posters, lighters, ashtrays, fridge magnets and much more, all centered around the topic of cannabis.