What is the difference between sportsbooks and online sports betting websites? Read to know

There are plethora of online sports betting websites that implements almost the similar services of a land-based bookie or sportsbooks service provider. The differentiating part between them and nova88, which is a trusted and secure online sports betting websites is the anytime cancellation options and returns to the person. As these portals allow the user to cancel their bet for the game whenever they want even if the gameplay is ongoing and similarly; they can change the amount for the gameplay as well. On the other hand, payments are secured as well as faster on these platforms because all the transaction is done via online money transfer applications.


Nova88 has some features that provide the complete guide to the user about how to bet into a game or how to select the right amount for the particular team, etc. These options make it more convenient and easy for the user to consider the bet. Not only that they also have a professional advice option, which is only available for the account holders on the website.

The reason is all the transaction, features are operated via the account of a customer, and that is why it’s mandatory to have one on the portal. Secondly, professional advice that tells the user about the performance and scoring of a team to have a better idea before indulging for the bet.

The beneficial part of playing on these websites apart from all of these features is that a user can play without any money for the bet in games. As during the time of account registration, the portal gives a few percents of the fund to the person to use it for the betting without spending any single penny to the games.

Live scoring

Online sports betting websites provides the user with live scoring for the games they have bet on; this will help them in knowing the performance of the team during the ongoing match. The option makes the validation only for the live matches, not for the previously telecasted. It is also included in the features that a person gets at the time of account opening. Making the use of such an option is beneficial, especially if a user has played for the higher betting amount. Coming to the functioning of the option, it provides the scoring to the user via various.

  • SMS
  • Chatting applications
  • In account scoring section ( available for the account holder on the website)

Winning calculator

In online sports, betting website, there is an option which shows ups the user about the leagues and matches performance of a team on the basis of their scoring. The feature is beneficial in letting the user bet on the team of a game which has won the maximum numbers of matches. Apart from that, they can also use this calculating feature for the calculation of their own team. To get an idea about their chance to win with the result in percentage which is quite useful.

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