A quirkier yet effective method of taking selfies –  the enchanting selfie drones.

Today, smartphones aren’t just the only means of taking the best kinds of selfies. They may be admittedly the most traditional means to do so. With increasing popularity social media platforms are creating a need to improve and come up with better and more versatile ideas of different photography techniques and a selfie falls under it too. The selfie drone is looking like the new revolution for selfies. They make use of high end but small camera with a body attached to propeller. There are various integrations that makes sure the device has a smooth flight.

What are some of the best selfie’s drones of the current times?

  1. the GDU BYRD PREMIUM: It is a great deal for a selfie in terms of the cost and how efficient it is. With a build that is more compact and portable it sports an energy time of 30 minutes. The drone can be controlled over 6000 feet. The cameras are efficient enough to record 30 frames in a matter of seconds. It over a 4k resolution.
  2. the spark selfie drone: the drone is available in five different colors. There are different modes of control for the drone which is one of the more unique perks of the device.
  3. wings land s6: a very affordable choice for a selfie drone. It is highly portable due to it being comparatively lighter than its counterparts. The entire device can be completely automated allowing the user to make sure they get as many selfies with the perfect angle.
  4. zerotech dobby mini drone: this version is a lot quitter than the rest. Another option that will not create a hole in your wallet. It can easily fly inside a building because of features like hover.

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