Why do people love to send a letter to Santa on Christmas day?

The belief that Santa lives in the North Pole and leaves his home on Christmas eve to distribute gifts to children has been instilled in kids from the age they learned to identify the red-capped man who comes with his elves. Christmas is that time of the year when kids sit down at a place with a pencil and paper and write to their favorite resident of the North Pole- Santa Claus about theirs dreams, wishes, and needs, including a letter to Santa. The wishlist keeps changing for the tiny ones each year. For most kids, writing to Santa has become a tradition in their homes. So, thousands of letter to Santa are posted to the north pole each year, where children politely request Santa for gifts.


Why are children Santa’s favorite?

Children wish for their letter to reach Santa and for Santa to deliver the right gift to the right place. Some kids are sweet enough to ask for gifts for not just themselves but their friend or a family member too. It is funny and sweet that some children even remind Santa at the end of their letter to Santa that he should deliver their gifts carefully and not jumble the gifts of their neighborhood friends with them.

 While some give Santa hints of the shop where he can get the present they wish, some provide him with their priority list. If one gift is not available, Santa could get them the one a little below on the list. Christmas is the best time of the year to teach your kids to communicate through writing. You can teach your kids to pen emotions in the era of technology where emojis have replaced words.

Ask them to look for new words and use them in their letter to impress Santa. Christmas is more about sharing and loving. Teach them to make the letter to Santa and personal- this could be a great parenting tip. Suggest your kids tell Santa a little about themselves and how they feel about the festival. Sometimes the insights they give Santa can help you identify what the kids think about their lives and you. Also, use this opportunity in generating gratitude in kids. Let the kids freely express how they felt about last year’s presents. Encourage your children to be as creative as they can while writing to Santa. Give them the liberty to draw or doodle, or even paste stickers.

For those with tiny little hands, writing a letter to Santa is a unique opportunity to express their desires secretly. Different gift requests from children reflect their innocence, but sometimes it also reaches a worldly edge. Parents might want to keep the materialistic side of Christmas away from their little ones and teach them that Christmas is not just about receiving gifts. Teach them to share through small tasks like donating toys and old clothes on Christmas.

The mystical, dreamy experience of Christmas gifts through writing to Santa manifests children’s imagination in a pure, innocent form that the parents can safely store for future memories.

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